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2021 Calgary Catholic Immigration Society Volunteers | Thank you!

Once again this year, in keeping with COVID-19 protocols, we were unable to recognize our milestone volunteers at a formal in-person gathering. So, we headed out in our vehicles to deliver recognition plaques and a small gift in appreciation of the incredible work our volunteers do for the agency.

In spite of the pandemic, our seniors continue to be active, always offering suggestions, ideas and ways of making our seniors programs more meaningful. They have embraced technology and remain engaged with, and committed to, CCIS.

Dolores Dill

Dolores has been a long-time volunteer of CCIS and has been part of the Seniors Community Consultation Committee (SCCC). Originally from Mexico, she is one of our connections to Spanish-speaking seniors, which has enabled us to better support this group. She contributes with her talents of interpreting, poem reading and emceeing at our multicultural events. You can always find her wearing a smile.

Francisco (Pepe) Siapno and Lydia Siapno

Pepe and Lydia are highly respected in the Filipino community. They are known community leaders and have been volunteering with CCIS for over 25 years. Both were part of the original seniors’ advisory group. Together, they have been a good source of skills when it comes to entertainment. Lydia has been choreographing Filipino folk dances and Pepe’s leadership is beyond question. He was the President of the Young Once Seniors Association in Calgary for 18 years. Pepe and Lydia are both recipients of the Immigrant Seniors Award.

Vo La

Vo La is originally from Vietnam and is a part of the Vietnamese Canadian Golden Age Club. He is a man of few words but always has a smiling face. Whenever we hold events at Penbrooke Community Hall, he shows up early to set up and is the last to leave after clean-up. He routinely supported our technology requirements at our events.

Pyunghee (Peggy) Kim

Peggy is originally from Korea and immigrated to Quebec before moving to Calgary. She started volunteering with CCIS 15 years ago when she was the president of the Calgary Korean Seniors Association. She is instrumental in making the Korean community known to multicultural seniors. She has been participating in all Korean performances during CCIS seniors’ multicultural events, be it dancing, choral singing or drumming. She even founded the Calgary Korean Performing Arts Society. She is a member of the SCCC team and has been the recipient of the CCIS Immigrant Seniors Award.

Anita Chow and Yin Chung So

Anita and Chung are a loving couple who originated from Hong Kong. They have been an excellent collaborator of CCIS for 15 years. Anita has been helping a group of Chinese seniors called the Northeast Support Group of Calgary and goes above and beyond. While attending CCIS events, her husband Chung is always there to help with the sound system. Even if they are not the group in charge of the program, Chung will make sure that he is ready to give a hand whenever needed.

Teresita Engco

Teresita, more known as Terry, is one of the most hardworking senior volunteers of CCIS. She is a popular senior in the Filipino community and is sweet, reliable and very generous with her time. She helps to coordinate Filipino participants at CCIS events. Additionally, she also formed a dance group and participates in performing Filipino Folk Dances. She is part of the SCCC team and has been a recipient of the CCIS Immigrant Seniors Award.

David Salmon

David has been volunteering and sharing his knowledge of legal topics such as Family Law, Divorce and Guardianship, Wills and Estate, Real Estate Law, among others. As a practicing lawyer, he would also give pro bono legal advice to seniors or any client in need. He never said no to a request for a presentation even if it would entail travelling outside Calgary regardless of time and day of the week.

*Images were taken in 2021, prior to the surge of the Omicron variant. Protocols were adhered to, and masks were removed only for a short duration during the photo session.



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