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25 Years of Volunteering | Johanne & Wendy

Once again this year, in keeping with COVID-19 protocols, we were unable to recognize our milestone volunteers at a formal in-person gathering. So, we headed out in our vehicles to deliver recognition plaques and a small gift in appreciation of the incredible work our volunteers do for the agency.

In spite of the pandemic, our seniors continue to be active, always offering suggestions, ideas and ways of making our seniors programs more meaningful. They have embraced technology and remain engaged with, and committed to, CCIS.

Johanne has volunteered in pretty much every area of CCIS, from our family centre and now with the Afghan donation project. Johanne is very active within the community and even when she says she is “retiring from volunteering” she continues to donate her time and expertise to many organizations.

Wendy has been a CCIS board member and a long-time Canada Connects volunteer, mentoring countless refugee families and ensuring their success in Canada. Wendy has been recognized by many volunteer organizations for her outstanding commitment to the community.

*Images were taken in 2021, prior to the surge of the Omicron variant. Protocols were adhered to, and masks were removed only for a short duration during the photo session.



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