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A very BETS-y Lunch Party for Gordana!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

How do you say a fitting thank you to a boss who has been not just an exceptional leader, but also an incredible human being?

Well, staff of our Business, Employment and Training Services (BETS) division had the perfect idea!

They got about to throwing a surprise mini shindig to celebrate the exemplary leadership of outgoing Director, Gordana Radan, as she prepares to assume the role of Chief Executive at CCIS in January.

Gordana has led the BETS division through a period of extraordinary growth for 15 years.

In that time, she has formed strong bonds with BETS staff making the lunch party an emotional afternoon of tributes and reflections.

The buzz and feel of the event really did catch Gordana by surprise and that was the fun part of it all! [Insert sinister laugh from a horror movie.]

She’d thought she was hanging out with a couple of friends from BETS for a going away lunch. Little did she know that she was being set up for a truly pleasant farewell.

“Did she really think we were just going to let her go without a proper show of our appreciation?” asked one BETS colleague.

A short but touching video documentary of Gordana’s time at CCIS nearly achieved its aim of moving everyone to tears.

“Nearly” because this writer didn’t shed tears. Had to keep clear eyes to capture the teary display of emotions across the room😊

But it wasn’t all tears, emotions and memories.

Who remembers the lunchtime potlucks at CCIS before the pandemic hit and how much of a fun, food-filled spectacle those were?

Yes, BETS staff went the full hog and rolled back the years by titillating palates with an array of scrummy delicacies, making sure everyone present had more than their fill of all that delicious yumminess and some to go home with!

Sorry if you missed out! It was a BETsy affair after all. No hard feelings😊

Overwhelmed with gratitude for such a thoughtful and hearty farewell from her dream team, Gordana said, “By far, this is the best group of people I have ever worked with.”

“I am not leaving BETS, I’m just adding 300 more of our colleagues at CCIS to my family.”

The BETS Team wishes Gordana tremendous success in her new role!



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