CCIS 40th Anniversary Logo Winner

Updated: 7 days ago

On April 13, we will be celebrating our 40th year of integrating newcomers to Calgary & Canada. To start the celebration, we held a logo design contest.

Amir Hassani believes that a logo is the heart of every corporation. ​

This is his 11th year in the advertising industry and his 7th year as a senior visual designer. His designs have a story behind them, a story about the company they belong to.​

Amir has won multiple design contests since 2012 and his clients are from different countries. He loves math and art and believes that despite common knowledge, math is beautiful, and every perfect design has rooted in geometry.​

Amir currently lives in Iran and will be emigrating to Nova Scotia once the pandemic allows. He is also friends with our own Laleh Mousavi.​

Check out the winning logo below!

Thank you Amir for sharing your talent with us!

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