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Dadkhuda Pahlawan | Housing Specialist & Liaison

For a newcomer family settling in a new community, housing is one of their most basic and important needs. But finding suitable housing can be a stressful and time-consuming. They may not know about how to go about finding a place to rent, or the regulations and contracts involved. They might not speak the language or don't know about the best locations that befits their needs. And learning about these new information while trying to adjust to all the new aspects of life in an unfamiliar society can be overwhelming. That's where Dadkhuda plays an essential role in helping the CCIS clients find the right housing. He presents each family with their options and arranges the visits and inspections. He shares his knowledge and expertise while closely discussing every family's needs as well as teaching them about the do's and don't's of housing.

Dadkhuda accompanies the Nikpeys, newcomer Afghan refugees, while they check out their future home, which is a three bedroom apartment in Southeast Calgary.

They go through every little detail and take care of the inspections while the family of six looks for their first home in Canada.

Saleem and Maria decide they like the apartment and sign the required documents.

The Nikpeys say good bye to their counsellor, Frida, and pack their bags to move out of their rooms at the hotel, their temporary accommodation upon arriving in Calgary.

Saleem carries their bags to his family's new apartment on their moving day.

Maria, her daughter and her youngest son arrive at their new apartment on their moving day.

They're finally home and set for a fresh start!



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