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David Salmon | Volunteer Feature

David is a lawyer who is passionate about helping newcomers. Originally from Edmonton, he is a long time CCIS volunteer where he has been instructing legal seminars. The topics of his workshops include family law, divorces, children, wills & estates, and real estate.

David was recruited as a speaker for the Legal Education Workshops due to his vast expertise. He was motivated to share his legal talent and knowledge because he recognizes & supports the values of CCIS.

Throughout the years, David has presented workshops throughout Calgary and rural Alberta, educating numerous individuals from different backgrounds about Canada's legal processes. The goal is to ensure individuals have the right knowledge & resources to protect themselves.

When asked about his most memorable experience, David can't pick just one. He enjoys the overall experience of meeting some people from different countries and understanding the challenges they face in learning a new language and culture. He is always impressed by how hard newcomers work and their commitment to overcoming challenges.

For anyone who is considering volunteering, David encourages them to go for it! Volunteering helps individuals to understand the newcomer's experiences and challenges. It is a great way to build empathy and is strongly encouraged.

David’s 2020 vision for CCIS is for the organization to stay true to its values, recognize the needs of immigrants, and to fulfill that need.

“Stay true & do not vary from that. Continue to do work with seniors, new immigrants, and new families. Deal with them from the viewpoint of the basics. They need clothing and shelter, and then they need some knowledge. That is the idea of immigration service. Recognize the needs of immigrants and fulfill that need.”

Thank you, David, for volunteering your time to educate immigrants with essential legal knowledge!



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