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Fernando Valencia | Volunteer Feature

Fernando is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and Certified Contracts Manager with twenty years of experience across more than ten sectors, including Oil and Gas, Renewable Energies and Manufacturing. He is originally from Mexico and has worked in Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and British Columbia. Impressively, Fernando is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

While he volunteered informally in his home country, he did not become a vivid volunteer with formal organizations until he came to Canada. Here, he has volunteered with a number of organizations, including the Inter-Connection program at The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, and Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC).

A few years ago, Fernando joined CCIS because our work focused on connecting government, employers, professionals, immigrants, and communities. He is impressed by our effective and dynamic programs. Also, the teams who focus on the realistic integration of immigrants. We are also impressed by Fernando and his continuous commitment to help other newcomers succeed.

“During a period where I was unemployed, I continued my volunteering mission. I helped professional newcomers, particularly one of my mentees, a young professional with extensive experience abroad to refocus on his strengths, value proposition, and targeted employers. He landed a six figures opportunity where I continue to see him grow.”

One of his most memorable experiences is acting as the keynote speaker for a CCIS event at the Calgary Petroleum Club, where he described his job hunt and self-awareness process for a better integration. The speech was so very well received that it became a regular training session in the Industry Mentoring Circles initiative. Since then, Fernando has continued to volunteer as a professional mentor and speaker with the Mentorship for Integration Program, one of our most well-known programs for skilled professional immigrants.

“The reward from helping someone in need is greater for the giver than the receiver.”

Volunteering with CCIS has been a rewarding experience for Fernando. Aside from the fulfillment of helping newcomers grow to their full professional capacity, volunteering has also been a learning process. Fernando has become more flexible and improved his mentoring skills, for which he received numerous notes of appreciation from clients and the community.

For new immigrants, Fernando’s advice is to play a proactive role and take action right away to start your integration process. If possible, join programs like Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) and prepare for the Canadian job search process while you are still in your home countries.

Thank you, Fernando, for your mentorship and continuous support for professional immigrants!



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