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Four Ways to Support Newcomers

Calgary is known for its community-focused attitude and volunteerism. Plus, volunteering has been proven to increase overall happiness and personal satisfaction! If you are an individual who is looking to give back and support newcomers in a unique, highly-impactful and direct way, we are looking for you. Below are four ways that you can help welcome and support newcomers to Calgary.

This volunteer program connects you with a newcomer, either an individual or their family. You get to utilize your knowledge and compassion to make a lasting and direct impact, that will benefit the individuals/families as they start their lives in Calgary.

On top of this, you will get the opportunity to learn about new cultures, make life-long friendships, gain a greater understanding of the newcomer’s journey and directly be involved with making Calgary an even better place to call home.

For more information, please call: 403.290.5752

This program pairs individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, with LGBTQ+ newcomers. You will have the opportunity to explore the city, participate in social events, and learn about other cultures. Additionally, you will guide them to find services, and help them to improve their conversational English and expand their connections.

For more information, please contact:

Octavio Lara, Diversity Liaison at | 403.286.8030 | 403.561.2999

This program is a great way to fill employment gaps and increase your workforce. In this program, refugees will gain hands-on work experience, workplace skills and one-on-one support that will help them secure employment. This will enable them to meet the standards and the expectations of you, the employer, to succeed on the job. Participants will also be in the workplace for a minimum of 24 hours per week, with 2 days in the CCIS classroom.

Classroom learning includes but is not limited to:

-Communication skills for the Canadian workplace

-Working with others

-Customer service skills

-Canadian workplace culture and values

-Personal management skills

-Employment rights and responsibilities

By participating, employers like you can support the settlement, integration and labour market participation of refugees, while addressing your workforce needs by tapping into a diverse pool of dedicated, enthusiastic and work-ready employees.

For more information, please contact:

Eden Weredu at | 403.797.3369 | 403.262.2012

Not sure where to start but want to get involved? Our Volunteer Resources program works to integrate volunteers within various CCIS programs and provides support to over 1,500 volunteers per year.

We would like to connect with speakers of multiple languages, professionals to share expertise, local Calgarians to introduce Canadian culture to newcomers, skilled immigrants seeking Canadian volunteer experience, seniors looking for social activities, and anyone who wants to be involved in the immigrant settlement process.

For more information, please contact:

Lily Cai at | 403.290.5753



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