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Happipad | Share Your Space, Generate Income

Happipad is described as companion housing & is an innovative way to help your community and generate income for you!

The average Happipad income is $650 per month!

This initiative is designed to address housing affordability and reduce isolation. This is achieved by renting a spare bedroom to a person with shared values and interests.

How it Works as a Host

  • As a host, you provide at least one (1) spare, furnished bedroom in your home.

  • You are comfortable sharing common areas; your kitchen, yard, laundry facilities, and washrooms.

  • You set the availability dates for your room rental based on what works best for you. Rental terms are from 3-12 months at a time.

  • Rentals contracts are fixed, and guests must move out or renew their contract at the end of the agreed lease.

What YOU Get from Happipad

  • Home-sharing advice and one-on-one support.

  • Happipad finds guests based on personality matching, finding people who share your interests and values.

  • Rent collection is easy! Get paid automatically and directly into your bank account.

  • Provided legal contracts to protect your rights.

When you are ready to help the community and generate rental income, contact Marion Christensen | | 403.680.5945 for more information.



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