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Immigration and the Economy

Immigration not only contributes to the multiculturalism and diversity which makes Canada the great country it is today, but it contributes greatly to our economy for a multitude of reasons.

Canada has an ageing population and a low birth rate. This means that there are labour gaps in a multitude of industries such as technology, healthcare, skilled trades and transportation. By encouraging skilled individuals to immigrate to Canada, we can fill these gaps and sustain our economy. Currently, the government actively seeks out these individuals and 6 in 10 individuals are admitted under the economic admissions category.

Furthermore, new Canadians also add to Canada's total purchasing power. More people with money to spend means more demand for local goods and services. Without immigrant Canadian's labour and purchasing power, Canada would have to produce more goods and services with fewer workers and rely more heavily on selling to external markets to continue growing.

On top of immigrant Canadian's contribution to the economy, one-third of immigrants volunteer and two-thirds are members of social organizations. They are also motivated, innovated and entrepreneurial. Immigrants boost trade ties between Canada and the rest of the world, as well as, strengthen culture and diversity.

At CCIS, we have designed programs and services that prepare these individuals for the Canadain workforce, trade-specific industries, entrepreneurship and the volunteer sector.



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