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Indigenous Veterans Day

Today, November 8, marks Indigenous Veterans Day.

During the War of 1812, they were vital allies in the protection of Canada. Since then, thousands served in both World Wars & the Korean War. Their sacrifices are deeply important to the Canada we now have today.

Did you know tat some of these veterans are the highest decorated soldiers, aviators & sailors in Canada's military history?

"In this day and age of reconciliation, acknowledging Aboriginal roles in the protection of Canada will help other citizens understand what true reconciliation means to the country as a whole. We must never forget the sacrifices and accomplishments of Aboriginal Veterans, especially as we move forward in our journey of healing, reconciliation and a renewed relationship between Canada and its First Nations peoples.

Nov. 8 is about making efforts to better understand the role Indigenous Veterans have played in Canada, and expressing our heartfelt gratitude. Ceremonies are held across Canada to mark this day, and Canadians across the country should pause for a minute or two to honour our Aboriginal veterans." - Government of Canada, 2021



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