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Johanne Kasha | Volunteering for 25 Years

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

“She is one of the most valuable resources we have at this organization," CCIS Afghan Settlement Volunteer Coordinator Sandra Bray describes Johanne Kasha.

Johanne has been volunteering with CCIS for 25 years and has been involved in different parts of the organization. Recently she has been in charge of sorting the countless donations CCIS has received for the Afghan project.

Johanne signs in after arriving at CCIS main building.

“I want to give back,” she says.

“My grandparents were immigrants. They had no facilities to help them when they came (to Canada).”

She puts on gloves and gets busy while she waits for the other volunteers to arrive.

Johanne finds volunteering a great way to meet people and enjoys spending her time giving back to the community.

Heather, left, Johanne, Marg, and Roberto, all volunteers, sort out the donations.

“We’re all in this together. I wish we could be one big happy family in the world.”

Johanne carries a bag of donated clothings.

Johanne's giving nature and her sunny disposition has made her an integral part of the CCIS family.



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