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Kemi Obadero | Volunteer Feature

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Kemi Obadero is a young professional who came to Canada as a skilled immigrant in search of better opportunities. In her home country of Nigeria, Kemi studied and practiced corporate and commercial law in Lagos for 10 years. Before coming to Canada, she also volunteered with a non-profit organization in Lagos that assisted low-income families with education for their children.

CCIS, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, Calgary, Taylor Pronchuk, Volunteer

After landing in Calgary, Kemi and her family connected with CCIS to receive support for their settlement and integration process. She decided to sign up as a volunteer with CCIS because of the impact the organization has on immigrants. CCIS assisted with guiding and connecting her family to the right path, and volunteering helped Kemi to pay it forward.

“When I told him that we had someone that could translate the document for him, the relief and smile on his face was so satisfying!”

Kemi has been volunteering with CCIS in various roles since December 2018. One of her most memorable experiences was attending to a client who needed someone to translate a document for him. The client had tried two different organizations before he was referred to CCIS. When CCIS found a way to resolve his problem, his sense of relief was something Kemi can never forget.

When asked about what advice she would give to new immigrants, Kemi encourages them to volunteer and become part of their community.

“Welcome to Canada! Be willing and open to give back to your community.”

Currently, Kemi is working full-time and completing the last stage of her licensing journey as a lawyer in Canada. We wish Kemi all the best and look forward to having her join Canada’s legal professionals!



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