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Meet the Graduates | Houeida & Anastassiya | ITB Calgary


The Information Technology Bridging Program is the magic wand that made my dream come true. I’ve been looking for this program since I came to Canada back in 2009. I had a bachelor’s degree in computer software, but the keyword “Canadian experience” blocked my opportunity to get a job.

This program was the perfect package that improved my employment relevance, my education, and my work experience in Canada within six months.


In 2020, having overcome multiple difficulties on my way to Canada, I have finally arrived in Calgary with my family. In the beginning, we were busy getting all the necessary documents and settling down in our new place of living. Quickly, I started applying for IT jobs hoping to start working as soon as possible. To my surprise, the reality was cruel: there was no positive response from the employers for months. I could not understand why nobody was interested in my skills and knowledge. I started feeling very unconfident and almost lost my hope for success.

I took the opportunity to join an info session for the ITB program. After the session, I immediately applied & was accepted. After training, I started my first Canadian internship & was offered full-time employment. My dream has finally come true!

I am very grateful to Mehrzad Eftekhar and Yared Gabe so much for this opportunity. Believe in yourself and never give up.


To learn more about the ITB program, connect with: Mehrzad Eftekhar, PMP | 403.290.5425 |

Program website:




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