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Meet the ITB Grads | Golrokh

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

As a software developer, I was always told that I can find jobs anywhere and Canada was no exception. While this is somewhat true, the reality is a bit more complicated. Having just the technical skills is not enough. In order to find a job in Canada, a newcomer needs to build up a network, work on their soft skills and improve upon their communication skills as well.

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During the six-month (ITB) program, I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to address my weaknesses and channel my strengths to improve upon my technical and soft skills. I got to practice working with minimal supervision and received regular performance reviews which I found to be quite constructive.

The classes at SAIT taught us about project management, different phases of a software development project, business analysis and also improved some of our technical knowledge and expertise.

To me, the two (2)-month work experience was the most important and helpful part of the program. We learned to look for suitable jobs and how to get in touch with potential employers before getting approved for internship in a company. During this internship I got to experience a typical Canadian work environment firsthand. It improved my confidence; it was great because I got hired by the same company at the end of the placement.

I’m happy that I chose this program. I am also confident that I can use tips, tricks, tools and skills that I learned during this program for years to come.

Our Information & Technology program is now open for applications.

If you are a foreign-trained IT professional, we will help you bridge your skills, prepare for employment & get experience.

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