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Meet the ITB Grads | Oluwatosin

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

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On getting to Canada, and after applying for jobs in the first month without a single interview, or even an acknowledgement of receipt, I decided to take a job at Walmart as a Fulfilment Associate where I was using my strength to offload trucks. I could pay our bills, but that meant I had to pick all available overtime, working all days of the week several times. That wasn’t the life we hoped for.

I continued to apply for jobs while at Walmart still without success. I knew I must be doing things wrongly and needed to seek a better way and seek help fast. I enrolled for and attended the ITB orientation session and that was when my change of story began. When the program started, and I was asked to introduce myself to my classmates, I could barely look into any of their eyes even as I was mumbling through my words. That was a perfect picture of how low my confidence had gone prior to joining the program.

After a month into the program my confidence soared, it felt so real that I could almost touch it. At the end of the 16-weeks occupational skills training, I knew there was no going back to Walmart.

Today, I am glad to announce to you that my email signature now reads; “Digital Banking Analyst” at Connect First Credit Union.

I thank everyone who has been involved in this journey and for the government of Alberta for backing this initiative.

Our Information & Technology program is now open for applications.

If you are a foreign-trained IT professional, we will help you bridge your skills, prepare for employment & get experience.

Register Today: | 403.290.5425

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