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Mike Shaikh | Board Profile

Mike Shaikh is a humanitarian, tireless volunteer, philanthropist, ethical community leader, and an exceptionally proud citizen and ambassador of Alberta and Canada. He lives his life by the mantra “Learn, Earn, Return”, and has volunteered for three years on the CCIS Board of Directors, where he currently serves as the Vice Chair.

CCIS, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, Calgary, YYC

Mike is highly active and engaged in the business and non-profit communities. He is deeply committed to doing what he can to ensure Alberta continues to evolve as a prospering and caring society for all its people, including immigrants. He has served on numerous corporate and non-profit boards, focused on areas of public safety, medical research, education, and mentorship.

Mike was recruited as a board member due to his expertise in business, finance, and corporate governance. As an immigrant with a successful professional career, he has always wanted to help other immigrants succeed in their settlement process in Canada, so he eagerly agreed to participate.

In addition to his personal efforts, Mike also encourages all community members to assist new immigrants by creating an environment with supportive resources for career enhancement. His most memorable experiences at CCIS involve seeing immigrants achieve their Canadian dreams.

“As immigrants, I find it is important to get on the right track to make your life in Canada better. Therefore, I believe that any help for a starting immigrant would go a long way. When you are in a new country, you need guidance to enhance your career and income potential.”



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