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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Helpful Resources to Guide You

This month, our Culture of Belonging Committee at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) will be sharing a series of resources and learning opportunities, as we approach the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30.

We hope that these resources will provide you with a rich historical perspective on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and help you deepen your understanding of the symbolism and significance of this day.

Some of the resources we are sharing with you now, and in the coming days, include links to helpful educational materials, books, movie titles, upcoming events, courses, as well as CCIS-specific activities that honor the importance of Truth and Reconciliation.

This week we'd like to invite you to explore the following video content:

1.) Immigrant-Indigenous Relations in Canada: Addressing Long-Standing Issues and Moving Towards a Shared Future

A deeply insightful 45-minute Zoom panel discussion that explores strategies for fostering and deepening positive relations between Indigenous Peoples and immigrants in Canada. Watch here.

2.) Welcome to our Homelands

Welcome to our Homelands is a seven-minute video that features six Indigenous individuals who extend welcome greetings in their respective languages to newcomers to Canada. The video, from ISSofBC, was recorded to show newcomers that they are welcome in Canada, and to create an opportunity for greater understanding and dialogue with Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Watch here.

3.) Many Paths

The youth of Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan created this original and powerful pop and rap-infused music video to inspire hope for the future while reflecting on a difficult past. Watch here.

4.) You will also enjoy watching, and learn so much from, the following TV shows and movies:

CCIS is grateful for the opportunity to keep doing our good work in welcoming and supporting newcomers through the lens of "ReconciliAction"— a meaningful action that moves reconciliation forward.

We are all guests on this land.

We welcome an open discussion about any and all of the shared resources via the comments section below.


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