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Sahar Mollakarami | Volunteer Feature

Sahar is a new immigrant from Iran who came to Canada to experience a new life, expand her knowledge, and enhance her capability. She has degrees in English Language Translation & English Language Teaching, as well as ten years of experience as an English teacher, translator, secretary, and editor.

“I have done some apprenticeship work back home, related to my field of study, but we don’t have volunteering opportunities there in the same way that it works here.”

When she joined her husband in Calgary, Sahar was introduced to the concept of volunteering to meet more people & gain Canadian experience. She signed up as a teaching assistant for the Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) program at CCIS. Sahar helped with paperwork, and she checked students’ assignments & homework. She also worked individually with students who were struggling to catch up with the classwork.

“It is highly rewarding to work with the students & learn more about them. Moreover, it feels like home working with the LINC staff & having some fun together. They are also so kind and welcomed me among themselves.”

Sahar has enjoyed her volunteer experience and the opportunity to learn about different cultures from the students. She was able to experience Canada’s well-known diversity, learn more about the country, people, immigrants, CCIS, and overall lifestyle in Calgary. More importantly, she enjoyed the opportunity to help other immigrants. In addition to CCIS, Sahar has also signed up to volunteer with the LINC program at First Baptist Church.

For other new immigrants, Sahar advises them to go out and about as much as they can.

“Since they are starting a new life, they should face their fears, welcome the challenges, believe in themselves, and follow their dreams.”



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