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Success Stories: Information & Technology Program

The Information & Technology Bridging Program is a 24 week training program that provides newcomers, who have education and experience in the IT field, with necessary soft skills and occupational skills training that will prepare them for 8 weeks of Work Experience placement with IT companies.


Before entering the ITB Program, Femi had over 5 years of experience working in the IT field. After his arrival in Canada, he started actively looking for a job, however, all he was unsuccessful. Even after attending resume writing workshops, he was still having some challenges aligning his resume to fit job postings.

Participating in the ITB program helped Femi to identify the soft skills that he lacked, as well as improve his technical skills. Through training, he improved his resume writing and interview skills. After the program, Femi was so confident in his updated and new skill set, that he was able to secure employment in the IT field, where he is currently exceeding all expectations.


Rafael joined the Information and Technology Bridging Program as a newcomer professional with a Bachelor of Computer Science and over ten years of experience. He was still unable to find employment within the IT field, in Canada.

At the beginning of the program, Rafael set goals to boost self- confidence, improve communication & interview skills, as well as, upgrade his technical skill set to meet the needs of the local labour market.

“When I heard about the program, I started dreaming about having the chance to have a better life here, and with all the support we got from CCIS, it happened” – shared Rafael.

He was determined to take full advantage of this opportunity and his determination served him well. Rafael secured a full-time professional job by the end of his internship.


Roya is a well experienced IT professional in software analysis, design and testing. Once in Canada, she was actively searching for a job for 5 months prior to making the decision to join the Information and Technology Bridging Program.

Her main goals were to improve her interview skills, learn to build a strong professional network, and develop her technical capabilities. While going through the program, Roya demonstrated high workplace performance, a positive attitude and team spirit. She was offered a full-time job upon completion of her internship.

Reflecting on the results of the program today, Roya says, “By joining the ITB program, I honed my soft skills and was trained on the techniques of interviewing. I also learned how to better present myself and my skills in a professional environment and this was one of the most useful pieces of training that I had in my life.”

Congratulations to all of our clients who completed this program!

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