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In the winter of 2017 N arrived in Calgary as a refugee from Iraq. Life in Calgary was an adjustment, and it was not long before she found it quite difficult to keep up with day-to-day living. The financial stress grew as more bills began coming in on top of her personal expenses. Living with her sister and brother-in-law N was able to cut down some of her monthly expenses but with the sacrifice some of her own independence. Eventually, as it became increasingly difficult to keep up with the financial demands and N had to borrow money from a lender, only adding to her stress.

Paralyzed on the left side of her body, N is unable to walk or stand on her own and is permanently in a wheelchair. She can move around her house and throughout the community on her own, but still requires assistance for other daily needs. Thinking that she would be an ideal candidate for income assistance from Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped she applied as soon as possible after her arrival. As a person with a disability and a new Canadian, N felt the application process to be stressful. With our help, she was able to fill out the application.

N was finally approved for AISH. This news came as a relief as N was now able to have some much needed financial stability and she has seen an increase in her quality of life. Being on AISH has allowed N more independence, she is able to pay for her own cell phone bill, have coverage for specialized medical equipment to help her move throughout the community and now she can now use Calgary Transit Access without relying on others for transportation. Finally, N after paying off the loan she borrowed, has been able to start saving. This gives her much needed sense of self-worth, where she can start planning for the future.

If you are also struggling, we can help you & provide you with resources.

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