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Thank You to Our Calgary Community

We just can’t say enough good things about our community and the amazing support we have received from local organizations, businesses and corporate partners.

Here are just a few who have stepped up to help the Afghan refugees feel welcomed and at home.

The City of Calgary | Community Neighbourhoods

Provided direct support for our children and youth by offering programs, field trips and recreational opportunities.

Purchased activity kits for children and youth and organized a backpack stuff event, distributing backpacks filled with school supplies.

Set up play bins of outdoor activity equipment at our temporary accommodation locations.

Prospect Human Services

Provided two (2) 20-foot shipping containers to store and sort community donations.


Redirected all internal donations to CCIS and offered support for digital programming for the children & youth.

Canadian Tire | Jumpstart

Canadian Tire has been a great corporate sponsor, providing 2500 sports balls, winter jackets and boots, as well as much-needed luggage.

Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth

Offered support for digital programming for children & youth.

GOAT Salon

Mobilized salons and stylists from around Calgary to offer free hair services to Afghan women, men, children and youth. Provided their spaced & resources for weekend salon days.

Mainstreet Equity

As they did with Syrian refugees in 2016, Mainstreet has provided rental units to Afghans refugees.


Donated 200 hockey bags to assist with luggage and travel needs.

Bow City Storage

Reduced storage unit costs (for storage of donations). Provided at cost, a 60% reduction.

Fairfield Watson

Organized a donor drive for hockey bags amongst staff, clients, and friends, and committed the team for a full day of volunteering, resulting in 15 participants.

Royal Bank of Canada

The Crowfoot bank location coordinated a donation drive amongst staff and customers, and encouraged other internal RBC teams to do the same.

Calgary Zoo

Donated 300 entrance passes for families.

We have always known that Calgarians and Albertans are committed to the place we all call home. This is even more evident when it comes to the support we have received from organizations, community groups, and businesses, as we welcome Afghan refugees to Canada.

Learn more about how you can support newly arrived refugees here.



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