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University Ready

University is daunting for everyone, especially someone who is new to Canada. From gathering transcripts to taking English exams, it pays to have a little guidance. We created our Networking for Success - Youth program with this in mind.

Through this program, newcomer youth (ages 18 - 24) will receive guidance on Canadian hiring practices, professional communication skills training and ways to achieve their educational goals in Canada. Events are held in collaboration with community partners, educational institutions and members of Calgary’s business community.

Morgan Loberg

As one of our December events, we hosted a lunch where we invited Morgan Loberg, an International Recruitment Officer from Mount Royal University to speak to our clients about the application process and what programs are offered.

After Morgan, a current student from Mount Royal University, Merry Ghebretatios, spoke about her life in Eritrea and the sacrifices it took for her parents to get her to Canada. She described life as a new Canadian, which resonated with our clients on a personal level. Merry also took the time to acknowledge how important it is to have a support system in Canada.

Merry and Morgan

After the presentations, we all enjoyed some delicious Egyptian food, made some new friends and asked a lot of questions.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers for providing insight and support, we couldn`t do it without the continued contributions from our community.

If you would like to get involved with this program, please contact Miray | | 403-514-8332 | 403-390-0253



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